I am back talking about the P.O.W.E.R. formula for personal wellness success. The W stands for putting in the WORK or working out. Bottom line is that any kind of success in life is going to take some sweat equity as they call it, and this program isn’t any different.

Newsflash! Getting in shape, looking better and feeling great is going to take some hard work, doing things you probably don’t want to do and sweating – a lot!

That’s OK though because after the workout, once you get that taste of feeling great and unstoppable, you will embrace the “suck” as they say.

I am a big believer that the key to longevity is building and maintaining muscle and strength, especially as you get older (we lose muscle at a tremendous rate after 40 years old). Resistance training as a component of your entire program will help to move your body composition to more muscle than fat. Add in cardio to supplement weight loss but don’t make cardio the primary or only activity you do. Most importantly, it is about being active and building it into your daily routine.

Exercise controls weight combats poor health conditions, aids with longevity, improves mood, helps self esteem, boosts energy, promotes better sleep and can put spark in your love life! If there was an elixir that could deliver all these things, people would pay lots of money for it! Exercise is free (or it can be if you choose) so what a deal! The only cost is getting out of your comfort zone and putting in the work.

So here are some great exercise options to start with:

  • Establish a morning ritual of meditation and activity – start your day like a champion
  • Stretching – get some of this in daily if possible
  • Mobility -and this too
  • Strength training – just got to do it!
  • Cardio – set a reasonable pace (for example you should be to carry on a conversation)
  • Workouts should be hard and make you sweat, if they aren’t , work harder!
  • Embrace the suck!
  • At the end of the day record what you did and give yourself a high five

Let’s do this!


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