Fit Kitchen Sponsored Athletes

Since opening Fit Kitchen has been proud to sponsor local athletes in our community.

Athletes are provided with a preloaded Fit Kitchen gift card to use on food to help aid with their training.

Justin Kripps


Justin Renfrow


Jamar Wall


Erica Wiebe


Alysia Rissling


Fit Kitchen Customer Ambassadors

Alicia Chiesa

Being a sponsored athlete, bikini competitor, personal trainer and marketing coordinator can get pretty busy at times. It is crucial for me to stay on track with my nutrition in order to meet my goals and fuel my sometimes crazy days. This is where Fit Kitchen comes in. I have been an avid supporter of Fit Kitchen since it opened in McKenzie Towne and it is my go-to when I haven’t had time to meal prep or when I need a healthy alternative to fast food. I can’t even count the number of times that Fit Kitchen has saved me from making poor meal choices and kept me on track with my goals. Not only are the meals healthy and nutritious, they make clean eating fun and delicious! Using Fit Kitchen saves me countless hours of meal prepping and will be crucial to my prep for upcoming photo shoots and fitness competitions

FAVE FIT MEAL: Killer Turkey Enchiladas

INSTAGRAM: @aliciatenafitness

Layla Eleen

I keep busy, every day. Fit Kitchen keeps me fueled, satisfied and assured that I will have a healthy meal every single day. As a young professional living with my pup, cooking isn’t really my thing, and shopping for one is hard when you want some variety in your meals. Fit Kitchen takes care of all of this for me. I have variety, I don’t waste groceries that I never end up cooking because I worked late and I don’t make bad choices because I always have good ones right in front of me. I had my set backs like everyone that has caused me to gain weight but by sticking with an easy meal prep service and light cardio, I’m down 2 pant sizes in just a few months. I’m a permanent makeup artist & beauty technician so I depend on appointments. I need to be on my A game and be as healthy as I can. I also save money & calories by grabbing my favorite chicken fingers from the fridge in between appointments!

FAVE FIT MEAL: So Legit Chicken Fingers

INSTAGRAM: @LaylaEllen

Sydney robertson

I lead an incredibly active life between snowboarding, slo-pitch, hiking and weight training so it is important to me to have the proper nutrition and fuel to fulfill my goals. The reason I love Fit Kitchen is because they provide a wide variety of nutritious meals that are already prepared for me. They taste delicious and it’s not the same boring chicken breast with rice and steamed vegetables. I find that because the food tastes so good its makes it easier to eat and I crave less junk food. People think that going to the gym two times a day is the hard part of competing when in reality the challenge is actually making the time to prepare your meals between work, the gym and getting the proper amount of sleep!

FAVE FIT MEAL: Power Prawn Curry

INSTAGRAM: @SydneyRobertson92

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