Meet the Fit Fam!

Meet the people behind the scenes. These food-enthusiasts are committed
to making our meals taste amazing and our operations run smoothly.

Jason Owner/Founder
Jason Zaran

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
Chimichurri Beef. Our house-made chimichurri sauce makes it SO good.

Favorite place to travel?
Somewhere on a beach; Caribbean or Hawaii.

Family, friends, food, and fitness (not always in that order) have been cornerstones of my life as far back as I can remember. A Business graduate from SAIT Polytechnic, I got right into the consumer packaged goods industry in the 1980s and built a career over the next 20 plus years.

A long burning desire to try my hand at entrepreneurship led me to leave the corporate life and embark on starting my own business. The Main Dish pioneered Calgary’s scene for healthy convenient eating and grew over 10 years to encompass six unique concepts/ locations and lead us to open our awesome Fit Kitchen business in 2015.

I am currently Chair of the Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Society, which is the lead advocacy group working with local officials to get a Multisport Fieldhouse built in Calgary. In addition, I am a Committee member at Sport Calgary.

My wife, Pam, and I have two children, Faith and Quinn. I am a big believer in working out and staying competitive, so I am always doing something to challenge myself physically. Other passions include personal development through reading and exploring other new experiences that push me outside of my comfort zone.

Chef Sha Corporate Chef
Chef Sha
Corporate Chef

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
Since joining the team I love the enchiladas and our steak dishes. Looking forward to adding more new items to our menu as well.

Favorite place to travel?
Scotland, I love the peace and beautiful landscape there. They actually have some great food too!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
I'm a Chef, I love it all!

I've been in the kitchen industry for 2 decades. I'm excited to bring my knowledge of food and foods benefits to our Fit menu.

Pam Operations and Finance
Operations and Finance

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
I’d have to say one of my favorite meals would be the Tasty Thai Beef. It has so much great flavor with our house-made Thai Peanut Sauce; with a good amount of veggies and tender slices of beef, it’s a very yummy, satisfying meal.

Favorite place to travel?
Italy, because I love Italian food, warm weather, and good wine, I can’t wait to travel the countryside and visit all the little cities and experience the food, wine, beaches, and culture there. What more could you want?

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
I do love my breakfasts, so this gives me a chance to give a shout out to my next favorite meal which is the Ain’t No Yolk. It has surprisingly great flavor given it’s made with egg whites; the freshness from the tomatoes and spinach mixed with the omelette that has the creamy melted cheese in the middle and the extra bit of lean protein from the chicken apple sausage gives it so much taste while still being a lean choice.

I have over 15 years of experience in the food industry, working in finance, administration, and operations. I truly have a passion for great tasting, healthy food and know the importance of your overall wellness is largely dependent on what you put into your body.

Carissa Marketing & Sales Manager
Marketing & Sales Manager

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
My new fave is our Bangkok Green Curry, its super delicious. I also love our PB Crunch Protein Pudding for a quick snack.

Favorite place to travel?
Japan, I have been twice and still have so much to see/do. I also love visiting Las Vegas and Mexico.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Dinner! Preferably on vacation somewhere.

I am a SAIT Marketing grad and have been a member of the Fit Kitchen team since it was just an idea. I love travelling with my friends and trying new things... especially food! I’m also the person behind Fit Kitchen’s social media!

Tori Fulfillment Specialist
Fulfillment Specialist

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
I could tear through an Ain't No Yolk in 30 seconds flat, no questions asked. So good. Or the Jambalaya!!

Favorite place to travel?
Probably Cancun to soak up some sun OR Europe to meet new people while seeing some cool things!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Breakfast all day every day; breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. EGGS, EGGS, EGGS.

I moved from Toronto to Calgary a couple of years ago and can honestly say that the staff at Fit Kitchen are probably the coolest people I've met within my career. The food here would be stellar even if I didn't work with them.

Other than that, I edit a podcast called Unscripted with Akeem Haynes and I'm really just into having a good time with my friends, whatever that may be...

Amanda Nutrition

Favourite Fit Kitchen Item?
I love our newest menu items the Klassic Chop Salad and the Bangin’ Burrito Bowl! My favourite meals are the ones where everything can be mixed together.

Favorite place to travel?
I had so much fun visiting Greece and Italy last year because the food was so incredible. I really want to spend more time in Greece to explore it’s history, food and beaches.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Dinner, except when I make waffles on the weekends.

I have always loved everything to do with food, cooking and baking. I recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Food Science and I loved getting to apply what I learned to this job. When I’m not making meal plans and writing blog posts for Fit Kitchen, you can find me at the climbing gym or singing with my band.


Core Values

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