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Reset Your Health & Wellness Goals!

Our team at Fit Kitchen have been leading Calgary’s healthy, convenient movement for 14 years, and we are more passionate than ever. Over that time, we have worked hard, innovated, improved our craft, and ultimately helped to pave the way for growth in Calgary’s health and wellness business community.
We realize that this past 3 months of staying at home has shaken up many of our lives, along with the routines that we may have relied on daily. This has, in turn, emphasized the importance of proactively taking care of ourselves mentally and physically as they are so intertwined anyway.

If you haven’t done so already, we think it’s the perfect time to reset your health and wellness goals to get yourself fitter and stronger than ever!  Whatever your circumstances, Fit Kitchen is here to support you on your journey.

1. SET GOALS WITH A DEADLINE – tell people your goals and/or sign up for something!
2. GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT – practice a gratitude and intention ritual along with journaling and meditation
3. BLOW UP BAD ROUTINES TO ESTABLISH NEW EMPOWERING ONES – Get up a bit earlier than you normally would, start your day with some light activity such as cardio, stretching or body weight movements!
4. CRUSH YOUR DAILY ACTIVITY – getting after it even when you are struggling builds that mental toughness
5. MAKE IT EASY TO EAT WELL – Fit Kitchen offers convenient meal plans to help you reach your goals; lean plans for weight-loss, performance plans for active lifestyles, and everyday plans for general wellness



It has been great to connect with so many amazing local businesses over the past couple of months. One of those is Wild Tea Kombucha which was co-founded by long time friend and former member of the Fit Kitchen family – Emily Baadsvik. Emily discovered her passion for Kombucha while with the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team in 2014. She met her partner Brigette Freel in 2015 and today the dynamic duo combine their enthusiasm and expertise in this small batch brewery to create delicious and approachable kombuchas that are naturally low in sugar. I am not surprised to see the growth and success of the brand over the past few years. whether it is innovative quality products, creative branding or community engagement there is a PASSION for what they do that drives it all. Emily had this same passion when she worked with us in 2015 and it was obvious she would be successful in her own venture. We are excited to now have their products on our site and we have our products on their market as well. Looking forward to doing more business and community work together.

  • Jason, Fit Kitchen Owner

    Calgary’s Wild Tea Kombucha and a Fit Kitchen Buddha Bowl