Feeling Great!

Feeling Great!

Fit Kitchen has been touching more peoples lives than ever over the past six months and it got me thinking about why. Strangely this shouldn’t have been too difficult given why I started the business in the first place!

Anyway, so I stopped thinking about if it was Google ads or social media or an influencer or my amazing workout posts …. Ha-ha. Funny thing is that when you start “playing business” you can lose track of the driving WHY that led to the passion to start the business and send it out into the world. And the WHY often comes from some unmet need that you experience personally and then figure out that there are others that probably are dealing with the same frustration.

In my case over 16 years ago it was the fact that healthy convenient eating options were very hard to come by but yet we could all get crappy fast food just about anywhere. Why couldn’t a healthy beef stir fry be as accessible as a Big Mac and fries?

So back to my original thoughts, I think more people than ever right now understand the simple importance of feeling great physically and mentally. More importantly I believe that more people are understanding that food and how we eat plays a massive role in how we feel and how we feel about ourselves. It is the foundation of so many things along with regular activity but those in the know say diet is 80% of that formula.

When we get up, feel great and are ready to take on the day ….man that is a grateful moment, it is a blessing! We all have been through times when we don’t feel great and certainly know stories of what life can be like when someone has their health taken from them. We should be treating our bodies like a high-performance machine because it is. Many people take better care of their cars or possessions than they do themselves.

When people want to feel better, they are willing to take action, embrace new habits and chase goals and objectives. This just isn’t about meal replacement or convenient delivery of any food; this is about changing the way you think about food and committing to having food tailored to what you need to achieve your results!

Boom this is what we are all about at Fit Kitchen and have been since day 1. We are passionate about enhancing peoples lives through healthy food. We are your partner in achieving your goals and that is why we have so many great stories and relationships from helping clients be there best selves.

So, the answer has been staring me straight in the face all along and we just keep doubling down on our original promise and vision helping you “eat fit and feel great!”

Ask yourself what might you be overthinking in your business? Many times, there are more straight lines to success than we realize, and we get in our own way by overcomplicating. Look for your straight lines!

– Jason Zaran, Fit Kitchen Owner

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