How $Much Is Your Time Worth?

How $Much Is Your Time Worth?

When asked the question sometimes people don’t know what to answer but indeed we have a price. Whether we realize it or not we are always calculating the value of our time. Either we know how much we get paid an hour or we have calculated our salary into an hours for dollars, we all have done the math.

In our lives we are doing this all the time as well. When someone shovels your driveway or mows your lawn for $25 hour we are doing the calculation. Same goes for tax prep, car detailing, maid services, dry cleaning etc. we are asking ourselves what we could be doing with that time by paying someone to do the work? If we can turn that free time into making you $50 hour we have just created $25 an hour. Or better yet lets use that free time on ACTIVITIES, FITNESS, PERSONAL CARE, HOBBIES or with LOVED ONES or FRIENDS. Time is a precious finite commodity that we will never get more of so we have to be judicious on how we use it.

I heard someone say – do what you do best and delegate the rest! If we aim to maximize our time and focus for business and quality of life we need to prioritize our time.

This makes me think back to why we started The Main Dish and eventually Fit Kitchen. When we started these businesses I was passionate about more than selling healthy food, I was excited to give Calgarians the opportunity to eat well and at the same time BUY BACK SOME TIME. Our company goal was and remains;

To enhance the quality of peoples lives through healthy convenient eating solutions.

We want to be your partner in creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

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